Korean Artist Shows What It’s want to be Falling crazy increasingly more every day

Some love stories tend to be epic and larger than the entire world it self, other people – relaxed and sweet, like an embrace. In addition to tale among these two little characters is exactly such as the subsequent one – cozy, adorable and genuine.

Soso and Haru are two figures, residing their love story through heartwarming illustrations, developed by younger Joo Kim. The Korean singer’s illustrations usually are monochrome with just a pinch of red or pink.

The continuous illustration sets depicting the everyday activity of a few. Often boring, sometimes interesting, but constantly exposing an attractive relationship between two different people.

take a good look at a number of the illustrations by younger Joo Kim down below. What type do you such as the many?

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# 1 Our Appearance Might Change, But Our Feelings Won’t

no. 2 Protecting From Dangers Outside Of The Sleep

number 3 Let Us Travel Collectively

number 4 I Can Not Go To Sleep Because I Can’t Stop Seeing Your Face

#5 See Your Face Looks So Pretty Whenever You Sleep

no. 6 Winter Image Like Right From A Novel

number 7 We See You In The Flowers

#8 You May Be Like Warm Spring For Me

no. 9 I Actually Do Perhaps Not Believe You Have An Umbrella

#10 I Favor It Right Here, I Do Not Want Going Residence

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