Yearly This University worker Rakes Leaves Into beautiful pieces of art And Leaves It For Students To Find

you do not have a favorite period but Joanna Hedrick, a counselor at Sacramento State University beginner provider Center certainly does. Since 2013, Joanna is celebrating Fall by organizing the fantastic leaves of this campus’ gingko woods into complex labyrinths as well as other complex patterns.

“[My art] is approximately taking something which’s already beautiful and making anything unique—something you don’t just pass by,” Hedrick informed Sactown Magazine.

the woman project started when Hendrick wanted to develop an appealing background for photographs of the woman two children, 8-year-old Sagan and 4-year-old Emil. She finished up raking a golden work of art therefore quickly gained admirers both on university and across social networking.

Now, she produces about six designs annually since the woods fall their leaves as a gift to pupils that are learning for their finals. Drawing determination from well-regarded Uk ecological artist Andy Goldsworthy, Joanna is constantly outdoing by herself, each time raking more complex plans.

# 1

# 2

no. 3

number 4 Leaf Art

number 5

number 6



no. 9


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