This Lady Draws On Her Carpet And The Result Is so great, You’ll never ever need step-on It

whenever we vacuum our rugs we occasionally see its threads rocking back-and-forth, revealing ever-changing patterns. Japanese singer @agito0219 noticed she could use it as a canvas for drawing, and she actually is working wonders. With amazing reliability, she portrays the woman preferred Japanese preferred culture characters using the flooring of the woman living space, and it is so good, you’d have a pity party for going upon it.

The mystical singer wears masks to hide her face when showing up on the net, but the woman strange artwork does not require an advocate – it talks for itself. From Giorno Giovanna to make A Gundam, these portraits prove the singer undoubtedly understands her anime and any studio would be lucky to possess the girl. Scroll right down to browse the complex carpeting drawings and vote for the favorites!

This mystical Japanese artist uses simply the woman carpeting to masterfully depict her favorite Japanese pop music culture figures


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