We Create Robots Alongside Contraptions For Fun

I Am Terry. I love to make things (continuously). Below are a few associated with the things I have made-over the years.

I just make these exact things for enjoyable, no other reason. I am thinking about most of the sciences, and quite often integrate those passions into my work. A typical example of this could be the robotic humanoid I’m wanting to build. He unintentionally looks way creepier than intended! Anyway, wish you would like the other things made.

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that is a cloud lamp we made. With regards to’s switched on it flashes and plays a recording of a thunder storm

Here’s a video clip of it for action:

this is certainly David, and a prototype hand I’m focusing on for him

David checking out his new hand… i believe he liked it:

David at an early on stage

This was how I meant David to appear initially. I have to get their attention covers included

I made a breakfast machine one too, right here’s how it works:

And a beer distribution system:

This is basically the mind of an automaton magician I’ve already been building for aaaaaages. I’ve broked it more times than We care to mention

His inner workings

The start of his cape

A video clip of him moving about. This is the initial “human” automaton I develop, so his moves tend to be slightly off. I like just how creepy it is though:

This little guy utilizes ultrasound to see! He could be fully independent and drives about the house prevent all my various other crap

this is certainly my Van De Graaf generator that I designed for fixed current experiments

If circumstances are right, i will find some exceptional sparks off it. I however need to determine, however it is going to be in high thousands, as it hurts!

This was a simple owl automaton I designed for my niece

And a video of it working if you’re curious:

An independent robot we built from stuff from Poundland

Bucket-bot operating about my attic/lab doing his thing:

This is Assisto-Bot we made him for assorted various things… he’s mostly impractical though:

This ended up being the sci-fi cannon. It fired flash cotton fiber. Totally safe, but seemed really cool. It generates a cool noise charging you up due to the old camera capacitor We familiar with build it

This a quick gif of a Butane Boomer I made. I liked the way the flame relocated around the tube

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