We Cosplayed As Maui From Moana and also this Is How I Created The Costume

Moana is my personal favorite Disney motion picture to date. We knew that I necessary to cosplay Maui the moment I saw his character. 

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we understood that I necessary to cosplay Maui when I saw his character. This is how used to do it

First step would be to get a hold of good picture online to use as a template. The hook is scaled to my level such that it appears proportional

As a cosplayer, i prefer a sturdy but light prop that I am able to carry around all-day

Materials that are convention safe like Pink Insulation Foam work great for prop creating. I glued various levels collectively and used my template to cut-out the hook. Utilizing a wood burning up tool I carved the styles in to the hook.

we coated the hook with several layers of lumber glue for a pleasant seal before we started painting

And I included some weathering

I wanted the rope slightly darker versus shade I had and so I let it soak in some tea

for leaves I patterned out dozens of various leaves every one some various

Traced the habits onto art foam

I didn’t understand exactly how many color variations were in Maui’s top. Countless!

Leaves leaves everywhere

Theyre getting there

I drawn all leaves to line utilizing hot glue

the necklace I wanted light materials once again, very much accustomed Apoxie Sculpt

Traced out some teeth on a sheet of paper and paired the pieces up.

a significant load of dust from sanding these. But it wasn’t also bad

when they had been the shape i needed we added weathering

And tied them onto a rope necklace

The body match was custom made by my friend inside UK, Wakandanprops

Some men and women said i ought to’ve worn a wig

Some people stated i will’ve shaved my beard

But I do believe it turned-out perfect

It’s my form of Maui, i enjoy it, and I also wish you do too

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