Here’s the way I Turned Our Formal family room Into A Home Office

As soon as we bought our residence last year, we began using our three bedrooms as a property office. Our programs had been to in the course of time convert the unused formal living space in the front of your home to a home workplace down the road, even as we have actually a larger living room in the back of the home that individuals use as our major living area. Once we discovered we were planning have an infant, I figured this would be a good time to tackle this project.

The space we finished up framing is several inches over 8 feet broad and nearly 12 legs deep. This was the best size for us to match two large 8 legs by 30-inch custom desks and still leave numerous area the eating area alongside it. We already had an air conditioning/heating vent in the space, thus I thankfully did not have to-do any ductwork.

the total project took me slightly over 4 months to perform, mainly working in vacations and evenings. Between, I tackled other jobs like building a patio dining set and a greenhouse, and so I surely took my time with-it.

Follow my complete trip when you look at the pictures below. Go ahead and keep a comment or touch base if you have any questions and I also will do my better to respond to all of them. I’ve in addition answered most concerns currently on Reddit, therefore make sure to be sure out also.

I used blue painters tape to mark off the area to get a feeling of the dimensions. The ceilings tend to be 9.5 feet, but notice the slope in the front (that turned into an appealing challenge)

Since I’ve never done something like this prior to, I took my time to model completely every little thing in Autodesk Fusion 360. It was extremely of good use, as I understood all dimensions beforehand

I purchased 2×4 lumber at a nearby lumberyard in 8, 10, and 14 base sizes. I also bought the plywood We needed for the desks and top cupboards (the latter which I still need to build)

After cutting everything back at my brand-new miter saw, we presented the big wall surface on to the floor before facing my worries and make use of a framing nailer to fasten all of it

that’s where mathematics will come in. Thanks to the Pythagorean theorem, i possibly couldn’t obtain the wall surface upright after framing. So I took off the most truly effective plate and clamped it off aside and hoisted the wall surface up

Getting the wall surface set up had been rather a chore, and my friendly neighbor aided myself on. Took many brute force, but we got it in place eventually and then squared it

The smaller wall had been so much more manageable in proportions, nevertheless the sloped roof took a lot of dimensions and trial/error getting perfect

After the framing, I bought 8 sheets of drywall at an area lumber garden (of which we only needed 5) and slashed it before screwing it set up

Drywall ended up being another first for me personally, so I most likely slashed it into smaller pieces than i will have

After recutting the very best piece in the sloped ceiling to go the total height, every little thing looked very clean…

…But then the drywall mudding began and every little thing turned into a big mess once again. A pal aided down aided by the taping and first level, that is probably why it looks decent in the long run

Drywall had been surely my the very least preferred part of this task. Some sanding and layering regarding dirt made a massive mess. Lesson learned for the next time: cover a floor initially

this really is after a couple of days and 4 levels. Everything was smooth and square

The little wall surface ended up being much more of challenging to mud entirely smooth, since the current wall had beenn’t 100% square to your external wall. I experienced to compensate with an increase of mud. After that up, the doorway in history!

setting up the doorway was quite easy, with the exception of pressing it positioned. We went with 8 base high french doors, which are awesome hefty

The drywall cleaned up nicely with only some warm water and rags. Just starting to look and more like an area!

Before painting, I actually took enough time to lay-down plastic drop cloth. That is following the coating of primer

Two coats of white paint later, every little thing was nice again. As it happens we performedn’t have any regarding the current ceiling paint, so I improvised with something that was close enough

I looked over the present trim and figured it absolutely was simple to replicate. An instant day at the hardware shop many standard MDF trim later on, i obtained every little thing to complement

since the wall surface is performed, onto the desks. Depending on the design, we made 3 cupboards underneath each work desk away from 3/4 inches plywood

right here you can view all 6 cabinets. The one without the middle shelf could be the closet for my full tower PC

When it comes to top, I laminated a 3/4 inch sheet of walnut plywood to a less expensive one to develop a 1-1/2 inch durable table top

I used iron-on walnut advantage banding to hide the plywood edges. The notches in each top are incredibly the curtains can hang down without flexing across the table top

I used 4 coats of satin polyurethane to the tops (1 layer regarding the bottom) with a few light sanding in between each coat for a brilliant smooth and sturdy finish

I primed and coated the cupboards white. I used an enamel paint, that has been self-leveling. The outcome is an extremely smooth and hard-surfac
e, nonetheless it took about a week to completely cure

The following is my wife’s work desk installed. I retro-fitted some toe-kicks underneath to improve the woman table slightly, as preliminary height had been also low on her behalf

At this point we started going every little thing down. One issue remained: not being able to close up the room

I cut some 3/4 by 1/2 inches strips from left 2x4s in order to become the screen trim. Right here the thing is that the difference between big-box 2×4 (right) plus the quality 2×4 from lumber yard

After cutting every little thing to length and mitering the sides, every thing was ready for paint (after more sanding)

I purchased an HVLP sprayer, when I had much more what to spray the nursery in the end. This conserved lots of time and got a rather smooth coating on every thing. Here the thing is the primer in the framing strips

I glued and nailed within the strips on 3 edges after which cut the 4th strip to specific length to squeeze in snugly

right here you notice the 4th strip set up, and nail holes filled with wood putty

And following the 1/4 inches cup panes had been in, this project was a wrap! My partner only had the lady baby shower celebration and I’m excited about completing this before the child comes

There’s most light from huge window in the house workplace and all the inside house windows and french doors actually allow that light through to the dining space

I added RGB LED strips towards the back of each table for a few slight illumination whilst in the office

Here’s how it seems

right here you can observe my wife’s smaller Computer enabling even more storage space. I also swapped the seat casters with rollerblade design plastic people to preserve the ground

Even though the walls are not insulated, the dense glass and strips beneath the doors isolate the area lots for the purposes


thank you for after along! Feel free to make inquiries or keep various other remarks!

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